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Garage Door Repair Katy – Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional

When a garage door malfunctions, it can create an immediate safety risk. That’s why it’s important to call a professional right away. Look for a local and licensed company that understands the needs of Houston homeowners. They should offer fast and reliable service and be available 24/7 to address your concerns.


The garage door is a vital security and convenience device in a home. A garage door that isn’t working properly can cause a serious safety issue and inconvenience for the homeowner. To prevent such problems, it is important to have your garage door regularly serviced by a professional. A professional can lubricate moving parts, replace broken springs and cables, and perform other repairs to keep the garage door working efficiently.

Matalonco Garage Doors offers residential and commercial garage door installation, repair, inspection, and maintenance services. Its technicians are knowledgeable about insulated and non-insulated doors, and they use industry-standard products. They can fix issues such as off-track doors, rusted tracks, bent wires, and spoilt weather strips. They also provide replacements for damaged components. They offer a variety of door styles and finishes to suit client preferences. This company also provides a complimentary safety inspection with each service call. Its service area includes Katy and surrounding neighborhoods.


A well-functioning garage door is a vital part of home security. It helps prevent intruders and other dangers from entering the residence and lowers the chance of a serious accident due to mechanical malfunctions such as faulty springs or a door that crashes down on the ground. Regular maintenance can help to extend the life of a door and keep it functioning properly. A company that cares about the safety of its customers will offer a free safety inspection with every spring repair service to ensure that all parts and hardware operate correctly and are in compliance with national safety standards.

The most common problem with a garage door is when it won’t open or close. This may be due to dirty lenses in the sensors or something directly in front of them. A skilled technician will be able to identify the problem quickly and make the necessary repairs in a timely manner. The expert will also clean and lubricate all moving parts to reduce the amount of friction that causes the door to slow down or become stuck.


A garage door is a vital part of any home and must be functioning properly to ensure security and convenience. When a garage door needs replacement, it’s important to work with an experienced company that knows the ins and outs of the system. A reputable company will be available 24/7 to address any issue, and will also offer warranties on their workmanship and products. This is important as you’ll want to know that you’re working with a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. This will ensure you receive high-quality service and that your garage door is in top condition.

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A properly functioning garage door is crucial to the safety and security of a home. It helps to prevent intruders from entering the property and protects valuable items inside. It also enhances the curb appeal of a residence. In the event that a garage door malfunctions, homeowners should contact a professional for repair and installation services.

Katy Overhead Doors offers a variety of residential garage door services, including installation and replacement. Its team of technicians can install a new garage door or replace the existing one, as well as repair broken springs, faulty openers, and dented panels. They can also conduct a tune-up to make sure the system is in good working condition.

Garage Door Repair Katy offers a range of garage door services, including new roll-up garage doors and installation of new openers. The company has over two decades of experience delivering garage door solutions for homes and commercial properties. Its specialists are equipped to install garage door components from leading manufacturers, and they can also provide maintenance options to keep systems running correctly.

How to Repair a Garage Door: Best Tips and Guidelines

How to Repair a Garage Door: Best Tips and Guidelines

Garage door repair is a service provided by professionals to address issues and malfunctions in your garage door system. Garage doors play a vital role in the security and functionality of your home, and when they experience problems, it’s important to address them promptly. Here are some common garage door problems and the steps to take for garage door repair:

Common Garage Door Problems:

  1. Garage Door Won’t Open or Close: If your garage door is not responding to the remote control or keypad, it could be due to issues with the opener, the remote, or the safety sensors.
  2. Noisy Operation: Unusual or loud noises during the opening or closing of the garage door may indicate problems with the rollers, tracks, or springs.
  3. Uneven Closing: If the garage door closes unevenly or appears crooked, it could be a sign of misaligned tracks or worn-out springs.
  4. Slow Response: Delayed response when you press the garage door opener could be due to issues with the opener’s motor or electrical components.
  5. Broken Springs: The springs on your garage door are under high tension and can break over time. Broken springs can prevent the door from opening or closing properly.
  6. Broken Cables: The cables that assist in lifting and lowering the door can also break, causing the door to become unstable.
  7. Damaged Panels: Dents, cracks, or damage to the door panels can affect both the appearance and functionality of the garage door.

Steps for Garage Door Repair:

  1. Safety First: Before attempting any repairs, ensure your safety by disconnecting the power to the garage door opener and making sure the door is in the closed position.
  2. Identify the Problem: Determine the specific issue with your garage door. If you’re not sure, it’s best to consult a professional for an accurate diagnosis.
  3. DIY Repairs: For simple issues like sensor misalignment, dirty tracks, or lubrication needs, you can attempt DIY repairs. Clean and lubricate tracks, tighten loose hardware, or realign sensors as necessary.
  4. Professional Help: For more complex problems like broken springs, cables, or motor issues, it’s advisable to contact a professional garage door repair service. Attempting to repair these components without the necessary knowledge and tools can be dangerous.
  5. Regular Maintenance: To prevent future issues, consider scheduling regular maintenance for your garage door. This can include lubricating moving parts, inspecting and tightening hardware, and checking the balance and alignment of the door.

When hiring a professional garage door repair service, choose a reputable company with experience in the field. They should provide a clear estimate of the repair costs and have the necessary licenses and insurance. Regular maintenance and addressing problems promptly can extend the lifespan of your garage door and ensure its safe and efficient operation.